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Don't Dream It, Be It

The Cast

Pictures may be supplied at a later time. Though the "mock"-umentary fell through, all these people are still under contract to me and may still be used.


Anthony Ruiz, 18, is the one who is bringing this page to the world. Besides being the director (as well as many other expensive positions), he would've played three diverse parts: The Narrator, a current cast member and a preacher (though this part was very close to being cut anyway!). He enjoys surprising people with orthodox methods of presenting the unorthodox. After high school, he plans to go into the Navy as a nuclear technician if this project doesn't kill him first.


Kenneth Low's biography may be here later (Prima donna!).


Brian Ferguson, 17, was to play a college professor. A man with a passion for theological history, melodic black metal of the Norwegian variety, Magic: The Gathering and the Caprar Faith, he plans to further his studies of theology in college, move to Norway and settle down with his girlfriend. He used to be in a black metal band ("Sempiterral") as the lead vocalist, but now is free. He wants the reader to know that if anyone needs a vocalist for their black metal band to email me at


Carlos Salinas, Jr., 16, would have also be played a college professor. He enjoys Metallica, sleeping, partying as well as "other stuff." He idolizes (WCW's) Raven and has an affixation with potatoes. He plans to be a bartender and own his own radio station, but he is just a deluded little sophomore who will probably spend his days working for minimum wage at Red Line.


Tara Yocum, 18, would've been an author. She has a passion for reading and going out with her friends. After high school, she plans to go to Texas A&M College Station and major in genetics (a genetic researcher? Interesting...).


Anessis Salazar, 18, was the other author. Her favorite sports are volleyball and soccer. She loves to sing (since she was five) and plans to attend college in the fall of '99, majoring in either choral music and music performance.


Eddie "Get-out-of-the-way-or-you-might-get-burned" Perez, 17, was one of four current cast members. He enjoys explosives, beer, drugs, girls and other numerous things that one shouldn't enjoy. Not unlike a certain deluded sophomore, he has high aspirations for the future: to become President of the United States, start a heavy metal band, put on the coolest concert this planet has ever seen in the middle of nowhere (Woodstock, anyone?) and be "the most extreme, hardcore, high-flying wrestler the world's ever seen and kick the (WWF's) Rock's monkey a**."


Kimberly Marissa Garcia, 17, was another current cast member. She has a lot of interests (but has informed me that she has no interest in removing any article of clothing from her body or using vulgarity in the "mock"-umentary), including, but not limited to, hanging out with her friends, going to the beach and working on cars (she's a mechanic). When she was in junior high (such a long time ago!), she was a cheerleader and LOVED to cheer! She feels that she's a very exciting person to be with, though she does have very bad mood swings due to a bipolar disorder or a chemical imbalance in her brain. Also, she says that she's smart and is going to study child psychology at UTSA.


Sergio Benevides, 18(?), would have been a former cast member. He enjoys surfing, rollerblading, music, sailing, Metallica, eating and his jeep. He plans to be a multimedia director and feels that he is a strong, hard, nice, brilliant, but never understood worker.


Marcos M. Garcia, 18, was another former cast member. A lover of the fine arts and the unknown, he likes to learn about things that are considered "weird" (which is why he is working with me). He plans to attend TCTC and major in computer maintenance.


Matt Baker, 17, would have also been a former cast member as well. He enjoys music, skating, eating and other non-school related activities. He plans to be a computer technician.


Melissa Honeycutt, 17, was the last of the former cast members. She is an aficionado of tennis, movies and MOST music (the flute). She is going into the Navy after high school to be a dental technician (OUCH!).


Marco Muniz, 17, might have been an actor (in the video). With a love of music, He likes to sing along with the radio or with his friends. He plans on graduating from high school (right...) and then work until he earns enough money so he can run away to Broadway and become a headliner.


Arnold Beltran, 20, was to be the other actor. His main interests are girls, football, girls, parties, girls, boxing, girls, and family. After high school, he will go to college, become a dental assistant and finally get off probation. He would like for everyone to know about his great parties, good looks, and love of sex.


Lynn Gonzalez, 17, was one of the two readers (I wouldn't have expected the viewer to read for themselves). She is passionately drawn to art - painting, drawing, sketching, designing, sculpting, you name it. She plans to go to college and will see where she goes from there.


Andre Lopez, 17, would have been the other reader. A man of the arts, his interests include art, drama, watching movies, listening to music and playing pool. His plans for after high school are as mundane as they come: graduate, go to college, obtain a degree, get a good-paying job, get married and have a family (*yawn*).


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