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Don't Dream It, Be It

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast


Dr. Frank-N-Furter, played by Tim Curry, is the male lead in the movie. He is a transvestite who makes no secret that he is actually an alien, along with his...servants, from the planet of Transexual in the galaxy of Transylvania. He is on Earth conducting experiments, his latest one a muscle-bound sex slave who goes by the name of Rocky. This creation, however, leads to his ultimate demise.



Brad Majors, played by Barry Bostwick, is the classic hero, though the audience doesn't seem to like him at all. He, along with his fiance, Janet Weiss, end up on Frank's doorstep after their car breaks down (actually, it was a flat...) on the way to Dr. Scott's. Here, Brad is faced with the perverse as well as previously repressed feelings on his own sexual nature. By the end, he is left even more confused than when he first got there.



Janet Weiss, played by Susan Sarandon, is the classic heroine. She is with Brad, her fiance, when the car "breaks down" and experiences a sexual awakening through the hands of Frank as well as his creation, Rocky. In the end, she is left just as confused as Brad as the "ship" heads for home.




Rocky, played by Peter Hinwood, is Frank's creation. He has no real purpose other than to satisfy Frank's sexual cravings. He, however, decides to be his own man and has relations with Janet behind his creator's back. This leads to the infamous floor show, which in turn leads to his untimely demise.



Riff-Raff, played by Richard O'Brien, is a domestic. He assists Frank in his experiments, although secretly plots to overthrow him and take over as commander so that he, along with his sister Magenta, return home. In the end, he succeeds in his plan and kills Columbia, Frank and Rocky before leaving Earth for Transexual.



Magenta, played by Patricia Quinn, is another domestic and Riff's sister. She has an incestuous affair with Riff and will follow him in his plan to take them home. She is very outspoken and has been known on occasion to voice her opinions to Frank, knowing it is not her place to say anything (her being a domestic and all...). By the end of the movie, she proudly stands by her brother's side, ready to go home.



Columbia, played by "Little Nell" Carter, is a groupie. She serves absolutely no purpose. She does, however, seem to share some sort of relationship with Magenta. Her only true love, Eddie, was killed by Frank and she hates him for it, but refuses to leave. This leads to her death in the end, with no one to cry for her.



Eddie, played by Meatloaf, is an ex-delivery boy who stumbled across Frank and became his sex slave. While there, he fell in love with Columbia, which made Frank extremely jealous, and had his brain split with Rocky. Later, he broke out of the freezer to take his love away from the mad doctor, only to be murdered with a pickaxe upon thawing, and later eaten. A sad tale, indeed.





Dr. Everett Scott, played by Jonathan Adams, is an old friend of Brad and Janet, as well as Frank. He stops by looking for his nephew, Eddie, only to find out that he is eating Eddie. He later participates in the floor show and escapes the castle with Brad and Janet. Not a very deep character, but pivotal to the story.



The Criminologist, played by Charles Grey, is the narrator. He provides the background of the story as well as insights on the goings-on while leaving questions for the audience to ponder while watching the movie. How he knows all this information and why he dances on his desk is anyone's guess.



The transylvanians are supposedly from the same planet as Frank and the domestics. They are a mysterious bunch who are attending a convention to see Frank's latest creation and disappear soon afterwards. There's not much more that I can say about them.





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